Post #74: The Previews

When I was in college, I went to the movies…a lot. I went to school in Waco, TX and there was this $5 movie theatre right in the middle of the city, and besides sitting in my dorm and staring at the wall, its all I could really afford to do. This night in particular, I had intentions on seeing a movie that’d been advertised for weeks. I could tell just from the title name and the thirty second previews that this movie was going to be everything I needed and more. I remember leaving straight after class to try and buy my tickets, but unfortunately, they were sold out. I thought about just turning around and going home, but instead I saw an ad for another movie that seemed pretty interesting, so I decided to watch that instead.

But as I sat with my fresh popcorn and my feet up ready to watch the film, I noticed a group of people randomly get up in the middle the previews. I remember thinking to myself “Why are they leaving now? The movie hasn’t even started yet!” Not willing to waste my $5 worrying about their odd decision, I decided to shrug my shoulders and say “Its Their loss”.

Usually, that’s not a story I would think about or even remember for that matter, but it wasn’t until recently that I was able to parallel that story with my own life. Because similar to the film, I’ve had people walk out during the previews of my movie. In the stage of my life that I am in now, I believe the world has only seen a preview of the film that God is directing in my life. The people have only seen a glimpse…a sneak peak….a mere teaser of my story thats still being written. However, some people refuse to wait. Some people convince themselves that what you have to offer is not enough before you even have a chance to pitch your storyline…but thats okay. You see, even though that group of people walked out of the theater, the show still went on and eventually the previews stopped and the movie started. And even though the rest of the audience sat through 15 minutes of previews, it was worth it to see the 2 and a half hours of pure entertainment and greatness.

Right now, you may be in your preview phase. You’re growing as a person, you’re learning, you’re sharpening your craft, your developing relationships, you’re re-centering your life…and some people refuse to wait through that process. So they leave, they break up with you, they unfollow you, they unfriend you, and they walk out of your life before it even really gets started. But the difficult truth in this reality, is that they never deserved to watch in the first place. Those that refuse to start with you shouldn’t have a chance to finish with you. Those that cant grind with you in the trenches, shouldn’t be able to feast with you at the mountaintop. And those that don’t bother to understand your plot, do not deserve to bask in your climax.

It is not up to you to convince people of your worth. It is only up to you to cherish those that are worthy of you, and free yourself from those who never were. This transitional time in your life is only going to last for a season, but that season will show you the people who will be there for a lifetime. And I know those lifetime people are in store for one heck of a movie. So when people leave, just shake it off, shrug your shoulders, and remember….“Its their loss”.

— LifeOnLOC

Post #74

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