Outfit of The Day: The Gray Area

Many people are not a fan of “the gray area”. To many people, the grey area is a cold, cryptic place that represents indecisiveness, lack of excitement, and confusion. But theres nothing indecisive, unexciting, or confusing about this matching set from https://www.enticeone.com/

Now theres a couple of things about this look that I absolutely love, so lets break it down piece X piece.

Firstly, I love its versatile nature! When I was pairing this look and trying to find the perfect hairstyle to match, I wad blown away. Not only did it match perfectly with a number of heels and heel colors, but it also matched nicely with wedges, boots, sandals, and a variety of sneakers as well. Similarly with my hair, this set seemed to blend with almost every hairstyle and hair color that I matched it with! I ultimately, ended up wearing bone straight hair and simple black heels because I wanted the focus to solely be about this matching set. But its great to know that if I wanted to recreate this look, the options are limitless in how it can be worn! In fact, maybe I can dress it up so differently that it won’t even look like the same outfit!

Secondly, I was a huge fan of the fit of this outfit. I love the way in which the pants hug the waist and the jacket slightly tug at the arms to give that secured feeling while still appearing baggy in a sexy way! The contrast actually gave me TLC “No Scrubs” vibes and I think I can speak for the masses when I say that the 90’s era is one of the the best era to be referenced to!

Lastly, if the outfit wasn’t already close to perfect, it tipped the scale when I stepped into a dark spaced saw that it glows in the dark! If you ever are looking to really show stop at any event, especially in the evening time, I know this look will definitely do the trick!

Be sure to check out  https://www.enticeone.com/  for more amazing looks, and let them knows that Linda sent you!


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