Outfit of The Day: Pink Starbust > Yellow Starburst

Its rare to find a warm, summer day feeling in the middle of December. But when it happens, you just can’t ask any questions …you just have to take advantage of it! Personally for me, I couldn’t remember the last time Houston had 75° weather with not a cloud in the sky. So when I saw my forecast wasn’t deceiving me, I knew exactly what outfit I was going to honor this weather with.

If you remember back in May, these beige pants were a part of a suit set that I purchased on sale from house of CB. I’ve talked numerous of times about how I am up obsessed with the fitting and open flare leg of these high waisted pants. Of all the pants I own, these pants are by far the easiest to match with because the color and the fit just seamlessly complement almost everything I own. But as I said earlier, today was about honoring the weather. So I wanted a top that was fun, flirty, and just right!

Pink is not a color I wear often, but it’s a color identify with so much. It’s feminine,  it’s soft yet bold, And it makes a statement. And today I thought it would be the perfect way to highlight this beautiful Weather and balance out the pants. Besides the color and the material of the shirt, I love how intricate the design of this top truly is. Not only does is it a nice crop top to add a youthful touch to the blouse, but the cut outs and the Bohemian style hands reminded me of just how versatile this top truly is and how it can be used match or create  a multitude of vibes, depending on which one you are in the mood for!

Well today, I was in the mood to Sly, and with the help of this look… I think I did just that!

Hope you all enjoy this look!


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