Outfit of The Day: Bossy 👛

Today, I woke up and had two of my favorite movies looping in my head: Mean Girls  and Clueless. As I was  thinking of some of my favorite clips from the movie and doing my best impersonation of some my favorite characters, I immediately got inspired to channel my inner Cher and Regina George. The first two words that come to my mind when I think of these characters’ style are: “preppy chic”… They gave just enough of that rich, school girl vibe while still leaving the people with a touch of chic to turn any head in sight.

While I wanted to replicate that preppy chic style, I wanted to do it in my own LifeOnLOC way. I wanted to add a mysterious touch to this look and make it more fitting with the season.  So while this look is often identified with bright feminine colors, I wanted to focus on variations of black and white. So I paired this FashionNova top with my favorite latex skirt from Forever21.

One fashion detail that these characters are notorious for, is matching to a T! So of course, I had to honor them by matching this skirt with my latex Steve Madden boots. But even with the look’s perfect combination, it was still missing something! Thats when I realized that I didn’t just want to be “preppy chic”,  but I wanted to be a Boss. Thats when the accessories came into play. I added my black mink coat and white sunglasses to give that look the extra touch it needed to go that next level. As I was in the mirror contemplating on whether or not add these pieces, the main thing going through my mind was “is this too much?” But lets honest…nothings too much for a boss!

Hope you all enjoy this look!


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