Cru Day Spa: A gift to your Lashes✨

This weekend was my definition of perfect! I caught up on some work, updated my blog, watched a good movie, caught up on some reading, and got to snuggle up under my childhood blanket with a tall glass of my favorite wine. But my favorite part of this weekend was my visit at Cru Day Spa for my first ever, lash lift and tint. Before this weekend,  I had never even heard of a lash lift and tint! I thought all there was to lashes was mascara and falsies. But by the time I left their facility, I was blown away by my results.

Let me tell you why:

The service/ My experience:

As I mentioned before, I didn’t know what to expect. So initially walking in, I have to admit that I was a little nervous. However those nerves quickly went away as soon as I was greeted with a warm smile from the receptionist and was directed towards the back to begin my treatment! After filling out a routine form, they welcomed me to a room with an ambiance that was unforgettable. It was warm, cozy, and best of was equipped with a perfect mimosa that relaxed me and made me feel right at home! A little afterwards, I was met by my aesthetician who thoroughly explained the lash/tint process and walked me through all the steps! As she was doing my lashes, I couldn’t help but notice the tranquility in the room. From the soft music in the background, to the perfectly dim lights, to the aesthetician’s subtle hand work, I was amazed at how comforting the environment was. So much so, that I even fell asleep for a few minutes during myself service! Now if that doesn’t scream a perfect spa lounge, I don’t know what does!

How I Felt After My Results & Why You Should Go: 

When the aesthetician showed me the final product I couldn’t believe how natural and amazing my lashes looked! I love a good set of eyelash strips, but after a while, they can grow to be a strain on your natural lashes! So having an experience that can give your lashes that extra boost without having to add eyelash glue and tons mascara, is simply a gift that money can’t buy!

I am a strong proponent in women living their best life, and in order to fully do that…a lash lift and tint needs to be aded onto your bucket list! With the holidays in the air and Christmas around the corner, a lash lift would make a great Christmas gift to the ones you love! And in the spirit of holiday giving, I have a special coupon code that you can use for up to 30% off on your purchase!

So do yourself a favor this Christmas and visit the Cru Day Spa…your lashes will that you for it. 💋✨

Visit Cru Day Spa At :

11134 Hwy 6 #214, Sugar Land, TX 77498




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