Outfit of The Day: Your Favorite Student 📚🍎

Do you all ever wake up in the middle of the night snd randomly get an outfit idea that you just know will shut it down? Don’t worry, it doesn’t happen to me much either lol, but as I was staring at this oversized plaid skirt in my closet one night, I thought to myself “What if I could make a cute school girl look out of that?” I shipped it over to the dailies and a week later, here we are! Lol

I grabbed my favorite Baylor sweatshirt, partly folded it, and tied a rubber band on it to create this cropped look and to make the sweatshirt and skirt flow together more smoothly. For finishing touches, I added this sky blue button down, a mini school bag, and a couple of old textbooks to really add that scholastic feel to this look! I have to admit, it wasn’t always so fun being a student, but it was definitely fun dressing like one!

Hope you all enjoy this look!


Skirt: Thrifted

Sweatshirt: Baylor University

Button Down: Old Navy

Shoes: A’GACI

Backpack: Forever21


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