Outfit of The Day: The Ladies Love The Luxury ✨

If you’re looking at the title and immediately starting sing FLY by Gucci Mane, Kodak, and Bruno Mars and its now stuck in your head…don’t blame me, blame them for making a track yet another hit that you just can’t deny. In the chorus of the song, the oh so smooth Bruno Mars says “…the ladies love the luxury…” and with this fun, flirty outfit, I could easily identify with those 5 words!

I loved this sea green raincoat that my sister and I thrifted a few years back, but I wanted to wear it in a fun and weather appropriate way! So when I checked the forecast and saw that a little drip was falling from the sky today,  knew it would be perfect to finally wear it! Thats when I decided to pair it with my favorite  white turtleneck and blue jean miniskirt from Forever 21. To bring a little pop of color, I added my purple open toed shoes to this look and was sure to balance it by adding lots of soft gold accessories. My favorite accessory though were these white sunglasses that i got from Aldo Accessories. The glasses have a retro vibe that’s bold and fun and helped to really tie the whole look together in a “luxurious” way!

Hope you all enjoy this look!


Skirt: Forever 21

Coat: Thrifted

Turtleneck: Costco

Shoes: A’GACI

Glasses: Aldo Accessories


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