Outfit of The Day: Thank You, Next 🖤

Three colors stick out to me when it comes to fall: olive, mustard yellow, maroon, and any shade of nude/brown. I am sure that theres a few other colors that qualify to be in the Fall club, but in my opinion these colors represent the transition from spring and summers bright colors to autumns cool, relaxing vibes. But anyone thats ever taken a stroll in my closet knows that I Am a huge fan of summer/ spring fashion so fall fashion is not always the easiest transition for me, but when I saw this T-shirt dress hiding in the back of my closet, I just couldn’t resist.

Not only is the dress light in material, but its snug and extremely form fitting…finding a way to accentuate my curves in a way that I never even imagined! To match the rugged appeal in the dress, I decided to pair it with my ripped tights and latex boots to add an overall Trasher effect to this outfit. It was super fun to step outside my comfort zone for a little bit and wear something that matched the season and made such a loud and vibrant a statement.

Hope you all enjoy this look!


Dress: Agaci

Blazer: Fashion Nova

Shoes: Steve Madden



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