Outfit of the Day: Still Falling For You 🍃🍂

I am an unashamed avid Costco shopper. But usually when I am shopping at Costco, its to get another case of water or to buy some more eggs. But the day I was able to snag this beautiful shawl from Costco’s clothing department…I knew my Costco shopping cart was going to get just a little bit bigger from now on.

You guys know I love a good turtleneck. So I paired my plain white turtleneck (Which I also got from Costco!) with these awesome high waist pants that I got from House of CB. I am not sure if you all looked through my graduation shoot pictures, but these pants were apart of a suit set! I love how fitted the pants are and how they accentuate my small curves and make my legs look long and extended! But as sleek as this outfit was, it was still missing something…that something to give this look that extra pop! Thats when I decided to throw on this timeless shawl. The contrast of the nudes, dark browns, and black colors meshed with the overall look perfectly, and ultimately, I feel it left the people with the perfect fall combination.

Hope you all enjoy this look!


Pants: House of CB

Shawl: Costco

Turtleneck: Costco

Shoes: A’GACI


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