Outfit of The Day: Smile Baby, Smile

A company by the name of LumaTeethWhitening reached out to me for a free teeth whitening session. My smile is super important to me, so anything I can do to enhance my smile I am willing to do to it! Today was my first day meeting the Luma Whitening team, and as  of one their new ambassadors I wanted to make a great first impression!

I decided to wear this one shoulder dress and tuck into these bohemian style pants. I intentionally pair of these two together to make it appear as if it was a jumpsuit and to provide a nice contrast between the velvet and cotton material. If I told you that my shoes broke minutes before taking this picture would you believe me? Trust me, I wouldn’t believe me either, but it’s true! Luckily I had these matching Sandals to save the day, or else, this outfit might’ve went a little more eccentric then I would’ve liked 😂

Lastly, if you all are in the Houston area and looking for an all natural  brand to help whiten your teeth and improve you oral hygiene overall, I highly recommend Luma Teeth Whitening! Not only was the staff super kind, but they were very knowledgable and very responsive to any sensitivities or concerns that I had! Be sure to pay them a visit, and if you tell them Linda sent you, you can get $50 off!

Hope you all enjoy this look!


Top: FashionNova

Pants: FashionNova

Shoes: Target


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