Outfit of The Day: Ruffle Some Feathers

Today was a special day because we as a family were celebrating my dad’s 58th birthday! He usually never does anything for his birthday but my mother, sisters, and I decided to change that up this year. So we sent a couple of text messages, bought a couple of decorations, cooked some good food and decided to celebrate his amazing life! My family both immediate and extended know that fashion is my first love, but more importantly, I wanted to represent my dad’s celebration in the most stylish way possible…thats where this feathered dress comes in!

Although sometimes black dresses have the stigma for being too boring or too simple, I think that this dress negates that stereotype completely! The feather trim around the top of this dress adds a fun and original touch to the dress and makes it great for any occasion! I decided to do keen an all black theme and pair this dress with my open toed heels from none other than A’gaci. This dress is so versatile and I definitely plan on wearing it again in another way…Stay tuned to see how I do it!

Hope you all enjoy this look!


Dress: FashionNova


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