Outfit of The Day: Rare as Affordable Healthcare

I love an all white affair and today I was blessed to show that love live and in person. 

Close your eyes, and imagine a simple white top, bring worn on a bright July afternoon. You decide it’s too hot for pants, so you pair this top with you pair of Banana Republic Bermuda shorts that stopped right before the knee. They hugged on your hips just enough, and made your butt look great.( Sounds great so far, right??) Now as great as this look already sounds, just imagine adding a little something extra…you know to leave the people with that extra hint of slay. So you decide to add a satin duster to not only compliment your look, but make your all white Outfit look both Summer and friendly and fashion forward. Now open your eyes, scroll down below, and see your vision come to life.

Hope you all enjoy this look!


Top: Agaci

Shorts: Banana Republic

Duster: FashionNova


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