Outfit of The Day: My Last Barrister’s Ball 💎

Every year, every law school hosts what is called a Barristers Ball. I could go into the origin and purpose of it, but it would just be easier to explain it as this: a law school prom.

Considering this was my last year attending as a student, I knew I really had to bring it.  You know, leave the people with something to remember. Lol 😏 I checked almost every affordable dress shop around and for the life of me I could to find anything true made the kind of statement that I wanted to make. Until I found this dress gorgeous royal blue dress from abyssbyabby.com.  It goes without saying, that this dress is absolutely stunning. From the color, to the fit, to the perfectly placed split…this dress is definitely one for the books. What I love about it the most is the fact it Has a train. I always loved a perfect train on a dress, because I felt that it made goes to look so elegant and Cinderella like, but I always thought I would have to wait until my wedding day to experience such a feeling. I guess, it’s good to know that Cinderella came just a little earlier than expected 😉

Hope you all enjoy this look!


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