Outfit of The Day: Mind + Grind

Its been an amazing week and an even better birthday weekend! I’ve been so blessed to be able to celebrate with all of my loved ones and enter the quarter century club with style and grace. To round out this birthday celebration, my best friend and I gathered a couple coins together and went to the Drake and Migos concert and had a blast! (I’ll be sure to place some footage down below!)

These bedazzled pants are actually apart of a set that I purchased about two years ago, but what I love about the pants is the fit! In fact, I’ve never owned a pair of pants that accentuated my lower body the way that these pants do. But besides the way they highlight my womanly assets, they have unique appeal to them that makes them appropriate for both dressy and casual occasions! But tonight, I was going for dressy or casual, I was going for Sexy. So I paired this look with my plunging long sleeve top and my blonde wig just to give the look just the right amount of spice! Did it do the job? I hope so!


Pants: Fashion Nova

Top: Fashion Nova

Shoes: Agaci


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