Outfit of The Day: Let the Weekend Begin 🖤

I love the weekend because its a load off from the week and gives me a chance to hang out with friends, wind down, and run some errands! One of my errands this week was to go apartment shopping with one of my best friends Summer! Apartment hunting can be a little overwhelming at times, but it actually was quite fun! It was even funner to shop in style!

I’ve had this gold v neck top for ages now, But could never find the proper way to wear it. I always thought that it would be appropriate to wear it with nude, but today I thought “What the heck?”, Let’s mix it with a little black. So I paired this top with one of my favorite latex skirts and matching latex boots from Steve Madden to create this funky, yet sheik look!

Now, I rarely layer when it comes to my outfits but I knew that this outfit wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t add this sheer, black cover over my skirt and top to give it that diva spice that every #lifeonlocOOTD needs. And I don’t Know about you, but I definitely feel that it was the right touch to this perfect Saturday look!

One of my favorite apartment complexes happened to be the lobby in which I took this photo! Could this be the place I choose? Only time will tell!

Hope you all enjoyEd!


Top: FashionNova

Skirt: Forever 21

Boots: Steve Madden


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