Last Day In The District

Sadly, today marks my last day in D.C. Even though in love with the black excellence I was surrounded my all week, unfortunately, I have to get back to my duties as a student and finish my last semester out strong. But before I get back on the plane to Houston, me and the bestie had to have one more fun day out. We decided to go to brunch in the heart of the city and for the first time all week, the weather was just cool enough to catch a breeze, and just warm enough to lather in the sun. It was perfect…and with perfect weather comes a perfect fit.

So I dug up this gorgeous multicolored maxi from the bottom my suitcase and livened it up with my hot pink, Steve Madden heels for that bright spring touch!

D.C was such an amazing experience, and I was so blessed to be able to experience the culture there. Until Next time, D.C!

Hope you all enjoy the look!


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