Outfit of The Day: It Feels Like Summa 🌸

Summertime is one of my favorite seasons of the year! Bright colors, sunny weather, and warm spirits! What not to love? Not only that, but the summertime is also when I am the most fashionable as well! My creative juices start flowing and I start putting looks together that I never thought I could! Today’s look is just an example of that! My sister and I planned on hanging out but I had no idea what to wear! After staring aimlessly in my closet for a couple of minutes I stumbled upon this satin lavender top from FashionNova.

Now, there’s a lot of ways in which I could’ve worn this top. But I wanted to keep this look soft and feminine, so I decided to match it with these wide leg silk pants to create a classic yet fashion forward appeal. Color blocking is actually one of my favorite fashion trends, and there’s so many ways in which you can do it. Doing it this way, I wanted to highlight pastel colors and emphasize how they can be mixed together to bring out a rich yet fun and summer like ambience.

Hope you all enjoy this look!


Top: FashionNova

Pants: FashionNova


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