Good Friday 🌞

Playsuits are those things that you see the model wearing and love but always have reservations about when it comes to buying. Or at least I do. I mean come on….They ride up, they’re super short, and if you’re someone with even the slightest bit of derriere, please rest assured that it will be hanging out and one point or another if not all night if this is the ensemble you choose to wear. Lol So when my best friend invited me out to a Good Friday Day party, I was a bit apprehensive to have this be my go to outfit.  After all, The last thing I want is to bend down to get a drink from the cooler and wonder if I am flashing the DJ behind me. (*Yikes at the thought of that actually happening* )

But luckily, this playsuit from FashionNova had me covered (literally and figuratively). The Boho style sleeves gave me just enough room to breathe and feel cool while still providing a fashionable flare to my outfit! The length was just long enough to be appropriate, yet short enough to fit right into with the pool side attire.  In addition, the clear heels and the curly hair only enhanced the Springtime vibe that I was going for in this look! The salmon pink color of the suit matched both the energy in my heart as well as the energy of the party, and overall it was a fantastic time!

I hope you all enjoyed this look as well as your Friday holiday, I know I did.


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