Outfit of The Day: Flowing like the Wind

One underrated fashion trend that I absolutely love are items that FLOW together seamlessly. Some people refer to this style as boho! Whatever you may call it, it’s very fitting for not only the Hot Houston weather, but also the spring season vibes!

For today’s look, I wanted to emphasize how elegant boho style can be! I matched This soft nude, Bohemian style top, and paired it with these flowy keyhole pants from FashionNova. To complete the look in its entirety , I decided to pull out a pair of shoes that I don’t wear too often, but that I thought would go perfectly. The design on the front of the shoe as well as its unique height, only further emphasized the BoHo chic Vibe that I was going for and gave a fun addition to the this hippy look.

Don’t you just love when the look comes together nicely?? It’s one of the best feelings ever.

Hope you all enjoy this look!


Top: Abbys By Abby

Pants: FashionNova

Shoes: Agaci


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