Feeling Powerful

Life tries to come after your happiness in several different ways. Sometimes its through men, its through your academics, its through your self-esteem and inner demons, or simply, all of the above. It gets hard Sometimes it gets hard to see the bright side of life, even when it’s staring right at you….So instead of pulling through and  fighting, you wither. But not me, not today! Not every aspect of my life is as picture perfect as I would like, but today I choose to feel powerful. I choose to embrace my journey, rather than despise it. Today I choose joy over pain. And most importantly, instead of frowning, I choose to smile.

To compliment my feeling of empowerment, I decided to wear my brown caped blouse and pair it with my nude bodycon skirt for a bold yet professional look. In addition, I wore my nude heels to really balance out this look and bring the attention solely to this FashionNova caped blouse that I just can’t get enough of.

Hopefully you all love this look as much as I do!


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