Outfit of the Day: Feeling Like Hilary

Today, I am starting a new job with this document review company! (Basically, I am in transition while I am waiting to pass the bar and this job landed in my lap and I am glad God blessed me with this opportunity because the funds were looking a little slim until now lol) But with starting a new job, that means I’ll be surrounded by tons of new people who do not know who I am and what I can bring to the table and of course, I had to give them something slight 💁🏾

My sister is the queen of giving away clothes after a few months, so when she decided to do her quarterly giveaway, I was first in line to grab these pants and couldn’t wait to  put a look together!

Because the black in the pants is the most prominent, I decided to bring out the white stripes by wearing my white turtleneck and tucking it inside the pants to create a crisp and professional touch. But just like life, very few things are JUST black and white, so I decided  to throw on one of my favorite trench coats to bring a fun twist to this look. After all, who said the workplace couldn’t be a fashion show too?

Hope you all enjoy this look!


Pants: Fashion Nova

Top: Costco

Shoes: Agaci

Coat: Thrifted


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