Easter Lovin

It wouldn’t be right to talk about this beautiful floral set if I didn’t tell you the story behind it’s purchase. For my 22nd birthday, my friends and I were planning to take a trip down to Austin. And even though Austin is typically a pretty casual place in terms of fashion, it wouldn’t be  Linda if I didn’t go over the top with my outfit…at least just a little. lol. So as I was hopping from website to website looking for something to wear, I stopped upon the Instagram of Danielle Doty, former Miss Texas Teen USA and I saw her wearing this ensemble as guest to a pageant! I immediately fell in love the minute I saw the color, the vibrant floral accents, and the seamless balance between the enlarged skirt and the matching cropped top. I immediately went to the website in which she purchased it, and lo and behold, I Purchased the very last small they had in stock! If that doesn’t say it wasn’t meant for me, I am not sure what does! Lol

It fit like a glove last year and the same consensus held for this year as I wore it for Easter service! It brings such a warm and summery vibe and it complimented my curly hair and plum lipstick to perfection. My favorite part about this ensemble is  not only the look as a whole but the fact that the pieces can be matched with other clothing items interchangeably as well! So who knows, you may see the pieces come alive in a different way soon!

Hope you all enjoy this beautiful Easter Sunday, and that you have a blessed rest of your week!



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