D.C Blues

For those that don’t know, my best friend lives in D.C.

It was Spring Break and I had promised her that I was going to visit her so that we could see each other and I could get an opportunity to explore the city! For those that haven’t been, D.C is one of a kind. Its such an innovative and progressive place for young, successful African Americans. I met so many people and created so many connection with other young people like myself, and I love the fact that I got to experience it.

Now of course being a visitor, I couldn’t come to a new city not giving my best! So when me and my best friend got our first night out, I decided to give them a little bit of sexy, a little bit of sophisticated, and a little bit of cool. The “sexy”l came from this plunge white V neck long sleeve that I got from Fashion Nova. I love this top because even though its a but revealing it still has an elegant touch it, especially when strategically pieced together with certain items.

The “cool” part of the outfit are my split blue pants that I got from Agaci! The rich blue color truly bing s a nice cool contrast to all the white and gives it just the right amount color.

Lastly, my favorite part…the all white trench coat from BooHoo which adds tot he “sophistication” aspect of this outfit. Even though I went to D.C in March, it was still very chilly, so I definitely had to bundle up! But no matter what season you’re in, there’s always an opportunity to dress for the weather, and dress to slay!

Hope you all enjoy this look!


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