Outfit of The Day: Class Is In Session

I may be officially done with school, but that doesn’t meant class is over. Class is everywhere..especially in my outfit!

For Todays look, I wanted to wear this forever 21 long sleeve top.I know that this top may appear very simple on the surface, but it’s actually very versatile when you get into the details. Not only does it have intricate hand designs at the wrist, But also, even though it’s s a crop top, It can be worn as a regular top as well. Don’t believe me? Well it’s been done her in this look as I paired this top with these total blue pants from Agaci. Now, usually I only buy shoes from A’gaci, however when I saw these blue pants giving me this amazing split for only seven dollars, there was no way I could walk away from it! And thank God I didn’t, or else I wouldn’t have been able to create this great look.

Hope you all enjoy!


Top: Forever 21

Pants: Agaci

Shoes: Agaci


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