Outfit of the Day: Chapter 25 ✨

The past 24 years have been about growth. I have been growing in my faith, growing in my confidence, growing in my career, and overall, growing  all around as a woman. As I am entering into year 25, I am ready to take my growth to the next level. I am ready to maximize my potential and show the world what I am made of…starting with the first outfit of my new birth year!

For my birthday I wanted to wear something that made me look as grown and sexy as I feel. Initially, I was going for a stunning white gown but unfortunately they were out of stock. But when I saw this copper orange jumpsuit on  the HouseofCB.com website, I knew that it would be a perfect replacement. The wide legged bottom gave this outfit a symmetry that elongated my frame as well balanced out the top’s revealing nature. To add a spice of color, I added these purple heels to this look that perfectly complimented both the outfit and my skin tone! It was the perfect outfit to welcome Year 25. I hope you all think so too!


Jumpsuit: House of CB

Shoes: Agaci


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