Outfit of The Day: Beautiful Union

I am at the age now where my friends major accomplishments/celebrations are either: 1.) new job or obtaining new high-level  degrees, 2.) having children, 3.) or getting married. While I only have #1 under my belt, I am definitely enjoying living vicariously through my friends for the following two, and today is a great example of that! An old middle school friend of mine was getting married to her high school sweetheart today and I was both honored and ecstatic to celebrate this moment with her. Nothing says celebration like a bomb outfit, so I knew I had to find the perfect dress for her summer wedding!

I bought this dress from a friend that was doing a closet sale, and when I bought I was shocked to discover that This dress is from Bebe. For anyone that’s familiar with fashion trends, it’s no secret that Bebe has been a little bit on the back burner for a few years. However you would not be able to tell from this gorgeous pink dress! Probably my favorite feature of the dress is the sheer material, because it creates the perfect balance of sexy, while the pink accents create that light, Summer glow that I was so desperately trying to achieve! Bebe may not be at the top of everyone’s fashion list anymore, but after this dress, it definitely has my vote!

Hope you all enjoy this look!


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