Post #72: That One Friend

I think its safe to say that we all have that one friend. That one friend who we’re aways taking time out of our day to give advice to. That one friend who always wants our opinion but never seems to actually listen to it. It’s like the more we encourage them to go in the right direction, the more adamant they are in going the opposite way. After a while you start to feel like you sound like a broken record. You find yourself saying the same things over and over and your care starts to turn into frustration. Maybe you’re frustrated because you’re tired of repeating of yourself and feeling like you’re not being heard….maybe you’re tired of watching your friend self destruct…maybe its both. Whatever it may be, the point is that it makes you want to give up on and wash your hands of your friend and whatever it is that they may be going through. But simply put, as hard as it may be…keep being the friend that you always been. Keep showering them with the advice that you would want someone to tell you in your difficult times. Why?….. Because Its working.
Your words of wisdom are like seeds of a plant. And those seeds are planting in their brain, their heart, and in their actions. But just like any plant, seeds take time to grow. Some grow faster than others, but they rarely grow overnight. Plants have a process…and often times than not, their germination is gradual and slow. But in the meantime, you just have to continue watering your seeds…giving it sunlight. Whether it takes 10 days or ten years, continue. Be a source of food and nourishment. Because if you do, in time, those seeds are going to germinate, and they will prosper into a beautiful plant that you’ll be more than proud to display.
In that same way, continue to plant your seeds in that friend of yours. No matter how long its taking for them to grow, continue to do your due diligence. Continue to advise them, continue to encourage them to walk a better path. No matter how many times that friend resists still remind her that she deserves better than that guy who treats her likes she less than. No matter how much of a lost cause it feels like, still encourage that troubled friend to make better decisions. No matter how tempted you are to give up on them, remember that you may be the only one watering that withering seed inside of them. So don’t turn let your water run dry. Don’t let your sunshine turn to shade. And don’t sit back and watch that beautiful plant within your friend die. Because when you least expect it, those seeds you’ve spent years planting will manifest themselves. One day all of your advice will not only be heard but it will be put into action. And one day you’ll see that your words and care has truly been received.
So just keep being the amazing friend that you’ve been all this time. Because one day, you’ll see that withered seed grow into the beautiful rose you knew it always could be.
Post #72


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