Post 71: Worry Wart

Sometimes I stop and think about all the headaches I’ve had in my life, all the weight I’ve once lost from the many appetites I’ve lost, and all the unwanted acne I’ve had in the past. Not from being sick or from being super busy….but from worrying. Worrying about how things are going to end up. Worrying about if that guy actually liked me. Worrying about what they thought about me. Worrying about grades..worrying about my place in life, and so many other things that life threw at me. And when I look back and think about all those times I LITERALLY worried myself sick, all I could do is laugh….because eventually, everything worked out. It always does.

See my pattern was always to worry first, then trust God…try and handle it myself, then ask for help…seek answers within myself, then ask for the true answer to be revealed to me. But in the end, all I was doing was hurting myself. I was taking myself through a cycle of unnecessary turmoil and pain, only for God to pick me up time after time and remind me that the peace I was looking for, already belonged to me even in the midst of all my uncertainty.
He helped me to see that my steps were already ordered. There was already a resolution set aside for my problem, and there was already a way paved for my situations where I thought I had no direction. For a control freak like me, that idea was hard to comprehend.. it still is. But if He’s willing to take on my burden, why not let Him? If He’s extending his hand, why not grab it? If He’s proven time and time again to always come through at the 11th hour, why not trust him in the 1st?
In this life, I’ve learned there will always be something to worry about. Right now, my mind constantly wonders about finding a job after graduation, finding the money to pay for the Bar exam and all my other expenses, and simply, how to enter into this next stage of my life. I am sure you have things that are burdening your mind as well. But this time, lets do things a little differently. Instead of tackling our worries on our own, lets give it to God wholeheartedly. Let’s put our controlling ways to rest and watch Him work things out and direct our paths. And in the meantime, lets just listen to Him and have peace with His directions. I don’t know about you, but something tells me that everything is going to work out…He always makes sure it does. ❤️
Post #71


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