LifeBox Supply Co. | The Must-Have Subscription Box For Entrepreneurs & Aspiring Entrepreneurs

We’ve heard all our lives that education is the golden ticket to success. But we’ve  fallen so much into the routine of “going to school” that we’ve rarely taken the time to think about the flaws in academia. One of the main problems with today’s education system is that schools focus all too much on teaching students how to memorize information, rather than teaching them essential life skills such as the art of negotiation, effective communication skills, leadership, and financial literacy. But this won’t be too much of a problem anymore, now that LifeBox is here.

LifeBox is a subscription based educational platform that works to dissolve the disparities in our school systems, by delivering top quality educational content, including books and audio files, to help subscribers gain insight on life that schools fails to provide. Not only that, but we also provide a subscription service for young and aspiring entrepreneurs to build on their business savvy skills.

In summary, we provide:

  • 3-5 Full-Sized Items curated specifically for you.
  • 1-2 Inspirational Book(s) to keep you motivated in your business. (Depending on your plan).
  • Planner/Organizational Tools to help you stay organized in the entrepreneurial chaos.
  • A unique clothing item, so make sure you tell us your shirt size!

And if that hasn’t won you over already, you can use code LIFEONLOC with your purchase to get your second month free!

So be sure to visit: for more information!



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