Outfit of the Day: Monday Moves ✌🏾

Quick Story Time: As most of you all know, I worked at Sunglass Hut all throughout myself second year of law school. So for the week of Christmas, my old boss asked if I could come back for the week to help with the Holiday crowd (after all, a few extra dollars never hurt anyone, right??) But as a dress code, she wanted us to wear red and denim. Now I had plenty of red…but denim…not so much. That’s when my mom let me borrow this gorgeous denim duster. And after falling in love with it that day, I just knew I had to wear it again.

This time when I wore it, I wanted the denim jacket to be the main attraction. So similar tot the purple faux fur vest look I did a few weeks ago, I chose to wear black and white to keep this look clean, crisp, and chic. Lastly, I felt the look was missing a little something, so I added this black chupulla styled hat from Forever 21, to add a fun little spice to the look…and I think kit did just that! I think my mom might not get this jacket back lol

Hope you all enjoy the look…and as always, more slayage to come!


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