Outfit of the Day: Holiday Innnnn Chillin

You guys remember the Chingy song “Holidae Inn”? I would sing it, but I think I would do the song more justice by just simply dropping the link for your listening pleasure. Lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmKjTC8yDFM

Well this weekend was my best friend’s 25th birthday and she wasn’t playing any games!

She had a fancy dinner planned and a fun club excursion to follow, so I wanted to wear something that could flawlessly transcend to both venues. I tussled with ordering something new online or making a trip to the Galleria to see what I could find. But just as I was about to swipe the good old Visa card, I remembered this bomb lavender two piece set that was just sitting in my closet practically collecting dust. From the fitting to the lateral splits down the sides of the skirt, this ensemble was perfect. Hope you all enjoy this look as much as I did!


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