Outfit of The Day: Modern Day Hilary Banks

At least once a month, I wear an outfit that compels someone to say “You know who you look like? Hilary Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel-lair” While I don’t think that we favor physically, I can’t disagree with the fact that her character was a huge influence in developing my personal style.

One thing Hilary was notorious for doing was making professional looking outfits look hip, young, and modern. Similarly with this look, I took this suit set that I snagged from the local thrift store and tried to add my young touches to it from my hair to my favorite nude shoes. One thing about this suit, however, is that its always had a bit of a Young flare to it. For instance, the skirt fits right at the top of the waist so it makes it appear as a mini skirt, and the tailored appeal that the suit naturally has makes it seem as if the suit was made just for me! And you know you’re in great hands when an outfit makes you look and feel that good! Hope you all enjoyed this look!



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