Outfit of The Day: The color of Success

Its picture day!! If you couldn’t tell from my blog activity, dressing up is definitely something I enjoy doing. However, today’s outfit was for something super special: graduation pictures. As you all know, it’s my very last year in law school so its no surprise that the school scheduled for all of us to take graduation pictures. But of course, I have to wear something under the robe, right?? But I don’t know if it was the fashion forces against me or what have you, but I could not find ANYTHING that was to my liking. Now I have to admit, this was partly my fault because unfortunately I waited to the last minute (I know, I know). But as usual, the Lord came through…because at 8:45, 15 minutes before the closing of the mall, I found this green dress that I felt was simple yet elegant, which is always my motto when its comes to fashion. Even though I didn’t feel as dressed up as I wanted to be, a close friend of mine gave great consolation: “Green is a good color..it signifies all the money you’ll make one day.” After hearing that, what’s not to love?!

Hope you all enjoy this look!



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