Outfit of the Day: Winter is coming

Honestly, these past few years have been token examples for trying to explain the inexplainable. First, Donald Trump is made President of the Free World, then the solar eclipse this past August, and now…Houston is ACTUALLY cold enough to wear a trench coat and boots! As you all know, I am a native Houstonian. There were times when I was in tanktop and booty shorts on Christmas Day…just because thats how warm it was outside. So believe me, anytime I am compelled to wear a jacket and boots and it’s not just for fashion sake…just know an iconic moment has occurred in the Lone Star State!

To celebrate, I dished out  one of my favorite black jumpsuits from FashionNova and paired it wt my NewYork & Company trench coat and Steve Madden boots. To top everything off, I dug up one of my favorite hats to give my look an extra flare….and If you ask me, I think it worked! Hope you all enjoy the look!




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