Outfit of The Day: Dear Kodak Black

So in a recent video featuring Kodak Black, he was asked about his views on women and he said that women of a darker complexion were not his “forte”. While he is entitled to his own preferences, naturally, such a comment offended black women of ALL skin tones and there was a unanimous disdain for his biased and insensitive view of beauty. So I took it upon myself to show him. Show him what exactly? To show him how well dark skin women wear color as I confidently wore my yellow butterfly printed, off the shoulder top that was covered in splashes of pink, blue, greens, and other bright colors.I wanted to show him how great colors pop on our skin as I matched this hand woven top with my hot pink, knee length skirt. I wanted to show him how versatile we are in hair and makeup…So I busted out my favorite ombre wig with a bright red lip. Lastly, I wanted to show him how beautiful we are, how eccentric our melanin is, and how unique we are to the world. And if Mr. Kodak is too blind to recognize that fact….I think I can speak for all my chocolate queens out there when I say: that’s his loss.


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