Outfit of the Day: Ain’t no Party Like a 90’s Party

There’s no better party than a themed party! Dress up parties have always given me life, but this just wasn’t any dress up party…it was a 90’s themed party. So being that that’s my favorite era, I know I had to go all out. Clueless is my favorite 90’s movie, so I wanted to emulate my best Cher impression through my outfit. But I didn’t want to do the typical plaid skirt suit with knees highs and a preppy valley voice..I wanted to put an urban spin on it. And that’s exactly what I did.

The plaid item was a thrifted item I got in 2013. I got it out of the back of my closet and paired it with my dark denim skirt from Forever 21. To achieve that urban look, I added this black and white bikini top which was a fashion trend in Hip Hop flare that I really admired. I felt the hair, sunglasses, and earrings also helped solidify that urban aspect even more. Lastly, I made a quick trip to Walmart and grabbed these opaque white knee highs to give Cher that preppy look that she’ll always be known for.


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