Haircuts Just Got a Whole Lot Simpler: TaperFade App

Established Barbers, Up and Coming Barbers, and Faithful customers:

You might want to listen very closely,  because the next word I am about to tell you will surely change your business for the better….and that word is: TaperFade.

What is TaperFade you might ask? Well, its an innovative app that allows you to connect barbers and clients through the online community. TaperFade is not only easily accessible through your app store, but it also provides efficiency and extensive variety to those looking to expand their business and to those that are simply trying to get that fresh cut to kick off their weekend.

Still want to know a little more? Well Lets take a look at some of TaperFade’s benefits:

  • Customers no longer have to wait in line to be seen by their barbers.
  • Customers/clients pay directly through the app. So the hassle of having to run to the ATM or bank before a cut, is a thing of the past.
  • It is a FREE app with NO monthly fees!
  • The Barbers (Yes, YOU) actually get paid for using the TaperFade app. Clients are charged a small 5% service fee for booking through this app, and every month the barbers using TaperFade get a percentage of that service fee in their pocket. That’s anywhere from $50 – $200 extra a month!

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for a way to save time and earn a little extra money..and TaperFade has the tools to allow you to do just that!

For more information, please follow  @Taperfadeapp On Instagram or visit the website at





Dont miss out on the next big thing fellas, you heard it here first! And Be sure to spread the word!




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