Post #69: When One Door Closes

I remember slamming the car door with the purest form of irritation when I got a text from my manager. I had been working in a retail store for over a year and my manager had finally sent out the schedule for the following week. While I was hoping to see an increase in hours, that hope was crushed when I noticed that my hours had been cut…AGAIN. I went from working a full time load to only working 8 hours a week. This job was my only income at the time and while I was grateful to be receiving any income at all, i was growing more and more frustrated with my circumstances there. It seemed like the more my availability opened up, and the harder I worked to make impressive sales and present myself as a good employee …the less and less my manager put me on the schedule. And with all the expenses I had to cover, a lack of work was NOT the obstacle I needed…but unfortunately, it was the obstacle I faced.

As I sat in my car staring at my two four-hour, minuscule shifts for the next week, I finally realized that I had had enough. I looked in the rear view mirror of my car and instead of wallowing in frustration like I had been for weeks…I told myself I was finally going to convert that energy into determination to find something better. I had to remind myself that I was intelligent, I was talented, and was blessed to receive an education that I could do great things with. I knew it was time to make a change, and I was ready to make it.

The very next day, I pulled out one of my best suits, printed out a stack of my resumes and hit the road. Two hours later, I was hired by a law firm that was willing to supply me with a full time workload, better pay, and invaluable experience in the legal field that I desperately needed. And in that moment of excitement and relief, it all came together for me. I realized that my decrease in hours that I was looking at as a disappointment, actually turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise. Because I was working so little at my other job, it gave me the time and opportunity to pursue my talents and efforts into somewhere that was going to challenge me for the better. And in embracing the fact that my job was telling me “no”…it gave me the push to find where God was telling me “yes”!

Unfortunately, we can’t always see God’s plan right away. Sometimes, we’re so wrapped up in our own plans, that we fail to see how God is unfolding an even GREATER plan right in front us. And as that plans unfolds, we may experience what feels like a door slamming in our face along the way. But instead of viewing these experiences negatively…turn it into a positive. Instead of viewing it as a door closing, view it as a window…a window of opportunity, a window to learn, and a window to watch God move in your life in ways that you never thought were possible.
So no matter where your disappointment may stem from, just know that God is right on the other side of a bigger and better door, waiting for the right time for you to walk right through it.

Post #69

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