Post #67: Tomorrow’s Rainbow 

So today didn’t go as planned. You spent a little more money than you were supposed to. You didn’t make it the gym to do that workout. You had one too many cheat meals. You texted back that guy that you said you were going to finally let go of. You said things you shouldn’t have. You fell victim to the petty monster. You said and thought things you should’ve have. 
The list could go on and on. No matter how little or small that thing may be…you failed. And that failure is eating at you. Because while it may be nothing to most people, it feels like an army of bricks have just been thrown on your shoulders…weighing you down mentally, physically, and emotionally. Not even for the fact that you failed, but simply because you know. You know that you can do better. You know that you could’ve tried harder. You know that your best is attainable, but you still chose to settle. You know you could’ve resisted…you could’ve said no…you could’ve walked away. But you didn’t and that’s why you’re down on yourself at this very moment. 
But growing up, as scary as the rain could be sometimes, I always took comfort in the rainbow that followed. Because somehow, it always reminded me that despite the severity of the storms that life throws…it always comes to pass. Today,…it may have drizzled, it may have rained, or it may have poured in your life. But it’s already happened. Instead of dwelling on today’s shortcomings, start preparing for tomorrow’s victories. Use today’s failures as inspiration for tomorrow’s success. Remember that feeling of defeat and disappointment, and challenge yourself to never feel it again. Hold yourself accountable to your goals and don’t settle until you’ve achieved them. Whether it be as simple as deleting that guys number so you won’t be tempted to text him or as big as changing your entire diet….let today’s NO be tomorrow’s YES. Take the first step. Because that step turns into a conscious decision, that conscious decision becomes a habit, and soon….that habit will become a lifestyle. 
So get some rest tonight and let today’s rain settle in and wash away, because tommorow…is the first day of your rainbow. 
Post #67


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