Outfit of the Day: Female Kill Cam 

One my best friends is absolutely obsessed with Chance The Rapper, and I have to admit, he's one of the best cats in the game right now. I knew his concert was in the midst of finals, but we all need breaks right?! Lol
I knew I wanted to look casual since the concert was being held at an outside venue, but of course, I still had to slay. So when I came across this pink set on Fashionova, I just knew I had to have it. Because of the venue location, I was concerned that I would be hot in a such an outfit, but turns out it was just fine! In fact, I didn't sweat at all! Although the set covered most of my body, the light material allowed the spring breeze to penetrate smoother than ever. But I didn't feel the set was complete, so I added this soft pink hat and my ice white Huaraches to seal the deal and finish off that urban look that I was trying to achieve. Hope you all enjoyed this look!


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