Post #65: The Opinion that Mattered 

I was having a casual conversation with a friend one day. One thing led to another, and then the topic of my blog came up. She hesitated at first, and then a few seconds later, followed up with the statement. “Don’t take this the wrong way”…from there I already started bracing myself. After assuring her I wouldn’t get offended, she said “You know, I think your blog is great. But your posts are way too long. They’re really hard to get through sometimes. Other than that, it’s great.” 

It was the perfect complement sandwich. You know, when someone tries to soften a critique by placing a complement before and after what they really want to say. I smiled and told her I appreciated her feedback, and we continued our conversation. I could see her mouth moving, and I skillfully nodded my head and occasionally gave a “mhmm” for decoration, but I was so far gone from that conversation. All I could think about was how someone didn’t like something about my blog. I wondered how many other people may think the same thing…I wondered what posts she may have been referring to. And with every second that went by, my mind wandered more and more and I became more and more anxious. 

When I finally got a second to myself, I immediately pulled up my blog…willing to assess every post and figure out how I was never going to be stigmatized with “posts that were too long” again. But after analyzing about half my posts, my eyes happened to gazed upon my logo sitting at the very top of my blog site. And then the perfect question hit me…” What about what I think?” “Why would someone’s opinion come before my own?” Here I am, willing to completely change something that I love to gain the acceptance of someone that doesn’t even read my posts. “But what about my acceptance of my blog?” “Why would someone’s no, change my yes?” 

In this life, people will always have opinions, and those opinions will not always be in your favor. In everything you do, some people will love it, and some people will hate it. Some will accept it and some will reject it…and some will give praise, some will give critique. But in the midst of a thousand voices, there has to be one that screams the loudest: your own. You will spend a lifetime trying….trying to please everyone around you. And instead of seeing your life bloom into a flower of contentment, you’ll find yourself withering into a thorn of anguish. Because unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, that will never happen…you’ll never please everyone. But that’s fine, because you’re not supposed to. Your only job is to please yourself. Instead of focusing on how to make others happy, put that same energy into yourself. Sure, you should always try to aim for better…Sure, you should always find ways to improve…but you should do it for you! I know that every day you strive to experience a fulfilled life. But that fulfillment will never become a reality for you, because you’re constantly hoping to find that fulfillment from the validation of others. But the only opinion that can ever make you feel whole, is the one from God. And despite your flaws and the imperfections that others may emphasize, believe me when I say, He thinks you’re great you just the way you are. 

I know my posts are long. I know they are lengthy, and for some, they may be hard to get through. But I like them. I feel God’s spirit writing for me with every word that is strategically placed in every sentence. I like what I have to say, and quite frankly, I like the length in which I say it in. My posts may not be for everyone, but that’s okay. Because I know my posts serve a much bigger purpose than what my critics may think. And as long as I continue to touch someone, even if it’s just one person…then it’s worth any and every critique I may receive. 

So yes…people will always have opinions, and they’re entitled to them. But the next time you think about forfeiting your happiness for the sake of someone else, I want you to think about two people: God and yourself. And as long as those two people are happy, you’ve got all the opinions that you need. ❤️

— LifeOnLOC 

Post #65


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