Outfit of the Day: Saving Bad Hair Days, One turban at a time 👳🏾‍♀️✨

See any difference? No…Yes? Lol. Well if you look really closely at my last couple of OOTDs, you’ll notice that I took my braids down! As much as I enjoyed the Moesha vibes I was serving, your girl was missing her natural locs. 
But while I am in search for the next best protective style, I’ve been using these velvet turbans that I bought in Nigeria. I bought a few colors and this magenta color was my absolute favorite! It has such a regal and elegant aesthetic to it, and when I saw it in the market in Lagos, I just knew I had to have it.  
Today, I paired that turban with my oversized pink trench coat that I thrifted, my white turtle neck from Forever 21, and my favorite nude skirt from Foreign Exchange. I just loved the effortless combination of pastels and nudes with this outfit, and the pop of color gave it a rich look that I knew had to be blogged about. 

It’s crazy that what started off as a bad hair day, turned into a glamorous fit. I guess we’re just turning bad hair days around, one turban at a time. 
Hope y’all enjoyed this look!ñ



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