Outfit of the Day: The Firecracker 

If you guys haven’t noticed by now, I am a sucker for dresses. Tight, loose, long, short…I just feel that you cant go wrong with a dress that hugs you in all the right spots! Going to work today, I have to  admit, I broke the rules a little but. We are usually only restricted to black, white, and gray colors, but today I decided to spruce things up a little bit and a little maroon to the mix. I purchased this dress almost three years ago from a store called Foreign Exchange here in Houston, and I am still amazed that it fits just as snug as it did when I first tried it on. Not only is the intricate design on the lower right side of the dress eye catching, but this dress also exudes a sex appeal that’s just too much to ignore. And with the dress and my big hair making a statement on its own, I decided to keep my it simple with the shoes. After all, less is so much more sometimes!

Hope y’all enjoy this look!



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