Outfit of the Day: Urban Sophistication

I am not sure if you all have noticed, but I hardly ever wear jeans! lol I used to work at a clothing store and they had a no jeans policy and after working there so long, I just got used to it! Well, I was cleaning out my drawer, and I discovered these ripped, jean capris that I used to wear back in elementary school. After I got over the phenomenon that they actually still fit lol, I thought to myself, I definitely have to do an Outfit of The Day using them.

This crop top from EXPRESS is one of my favorites. It has the ability to be worn casually and can also handle an outfit that’s a little more on the fashion forward side. So when I paired it with this black and white blazer from A’GACI, I knew I wouldn’t have a problem merging the two. Every outfit needs an accessory so when it came to bringing this outfit together, I knew this black hat would be perfect the addition.

Hope you all enjoyed this look!



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