Outfit of the Day: Upscale Street Fashion

So one of my best friends hit me up saying that her friends were throwing a loft party and she wanted me to tag along. Being that I haven’t gone out since March and my weekend was free of any plans, my response was definitely a no brainer.

I just recently bought this pink lace up top from GS LOVE and I thought it matched perfectly with the Upscale Street Fashion theme that the part was centered around. I have actually been looking for this style of a top since the beginning of the year, so when the shirt when on sale in the beautiful salmon pink color, I knew I had to take advantage if the opportunity!

Because the shirt is such a color, I thought I’d continue in that direction by pairing the top with a white skirt and nude shoes. My curly fro always comes in clutch in terms of keeping looks fun and young and since we all know too much seriousness is never fun, I had to let her (my hair)  make an appearance for the night.

I had a great time at the party and had the chance to meet a bunch of amazing people. After all, girls just want to have fun and surely enough, that’s what I did.

Hope you all enjoyed this look!


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