Post #55: The Perfect Plan

When I was ten years old, I planned out my entire life. I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote detail by detail everything that I thought would make my life complete. I told myself that I would be a basketball player for the Houston Comets. I told myself that I would be married by 23, have two kids by 25, travel to every country in the world by 27, and live in a beautiful house with a picket white fence from 30 years old until I grow old and gray. 

Well unfortunately, the Comets franchise folded in 2008 and my basketball skills aren’t as sharp as they used to be. I’ll be 23 in September, and I am sad to say I haven’t kissed that frog who magically turns into my prince, let alone found someone to build a family with. Most of my traveling escapades have been put on a large halt due to school and the lovely responsibilities that come with “adulting”. And currently , the only picket white fence I know is the one my parents own. Needless to say, my life hasn’t gone quite as I planned. Twelve years laters, I look back on that very plan and simply laugh. Not only because my goals were a little less practical than most, but because to this very day I still do the same thing…we all do. 

We sit and we strategize and we formulate this master plan for our lives. We convince ourselves that we know exactly what’s best for us and what will give us the happiness we’re searching for. Sometimes we’re lucky and we hit the nail right on the head. But often times, our lives never play out like we envision. Not because our ideas are silly or impossible, and not because we aren’t good enough or lack the ability. But simply because there’s a plan in place for each and every one of us that’s far better than anything we could’ve created for ourselves. God mapped out a vision board for us that has been planned to be put in fruition since the beginning of our existence. A plan for our finances, our jobs, our love lives, our goals and our aspirations. He’s been up to something that’s so perfect for you, that no matter how good you think your plan is…you’ll never be able to top His. Our plans may be good, but His plans are exceptional. But nothing exceptional comes easy. Sometimes the path He carves out for us is longer, a little bumpier, and far more difficult than what we have in mind. His way may test us, challenge us, and it may even break us down at times. But even when we can’t see it, we always come out stronger, wiser, and more successful than we could ever be on our own. 

I may not be a world traveling, WNBA star living in a picket white fence house with a husband and two kids. But I AM a second year law student, I’ve been to Amsterdam, London, and Nigeria and I am constantly surrounded by amazing friends and family whose love will abundantly sustain me until God blesses me with a family of my own… And it’s all by way of His plan. And if Iam being honest with you, I think this plan is working out much better for me. So don’t worry. Stop taking sleep away from you worrying about how life will play out when that’s already been done for you! I don’t know what else God has in store for me next year, next week, or even tomorrow. But I won’t worry. Because I know He has an exceptional plan made just for me….and that’s more than enough assurance for me. 

Post #55

2 thoughts on “Post #55: The Perfect Plan

  1. After reading post #55, I genuinely think that you will make a great Pastor, Pastor’s wife, Talk show host, A public motivator, Therapist, etc. You need a podium, a wider space to really preach because you are killing it girl.

    Keep doing what you are doing because you are really good and it and it’s a gift that most people don’t have.




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