Post #54: Prayer for our World 

Dear God,
The world is different now. 

Everywhere I look and everything I hear,  

Reminds me of hate. 

There are so many lost in the hate they have for others.

But worst of all, there are so many lost in the hate they have for themselves. 

And because so many have been drenched in this hate for so long, they know nothing other than to spread it. 

Lord, our world is crying. 

It’s crying for you more than it ever has before. 

We are desperate for you. 

This world is desperate for your love, your strength, your peace, your guidance. 

We have tried war, we’ve tried enforcing stricter laws, but we need something stronger. 

So I humbly come before you and I write this prayer, begging for your presence to fill this Earth. 

Lord, we see so much so every day…So much, that we are numb. 

We are so numb to the negativity that has surrounded us that it has now become our norm 

We have now become a society that celebrates the “lesser of two evils” rather than eliminating evil all together. 

The further we drift from you, the more we are becoming a puppet to the enemies plan.

The plan to steal, kill, and destroy….and we see it every day. 

We saw it New York in 2001 when the Twin Towers came crashing down. 

We saw it in the Columbine shooting, the bombing in Paris, 

We saw it in Rwanda, when the Hutu’s government massacred nearly one million Tutsi citizens. 

We saw it in Charleston, South Carolina where nine people were shot dead in hopes of igniting a race war.  

And we recently saw it in Orlando, where the United States saw its deadliest mass shooting occur, simply because people were doing what many are afraid to do…be themselves. 

And while these are the few that are publicly placed for us to witness, 

There is so much out there that we don’t see. 

We didn’t see the girl that was viciously raped in her hometown of Mississippi while coming home from school

We didn’t see the boy that was killed due to gang violence in California 

We don’t always see the racism that keeps minorities in our nation from progressing 

We don’t see the cries and suicides that occur as a result of cyberbullying 

But it’s there. 

And every day that passes by the dark clouds of hate grow bigger and bigger. 

So Lord, I come to you in prayer on behalf of our world. 

I pray that you will allow our world to be consumed with love. 

Make a way for those that act with hate to experience You, Father. 

Make a way for them to embrace You. 

Allow them to see themselves the way you see them, Lord. 

Allow them to love themselves the way you love them, Lord. 

Allow them to love others, the way you love all of your children, Lord. 

Halt the gun of any shooter, block the gun of any terrorists, and cease the actions of anyone who wishes to further the enemies’ plan. 

Not only that Lord, but I ask that you change their hearts.

Change the way in which they see the world. 

Surround their beings with so much of your presence that even if they wanted to, their bodies won’t let them act on the evil they wish to pursue. 

Submerge their beings with so much of your love, that hate would be a foreign concept to them. 

Allow them to use their abilities to spark an unprecedented change in this world, rather than a record breaking tragedy 

Allow them to be inspired by the good still left in this world. 

Allow them to be so transformed by your blessings that they are inspired to be a blessing to someone else. 

Lord, I also pray for those that have been a victim to the hate in this world. 

To those that have lost loved ones, to those that have survived crimes and tragedies, and to those that are exposed to the effects of hate on a daily basis.

Allow them not to lose hope. 

I ask that you be a refuge and a strength to those people. 

Most importantly, Lord, I ask that you help those people to forgive. 

Help them to forgive those that have hurt them and caused them pain by their actions. 

I pray that you prevent their hearts from being hardened. 

But rather that you use them, Lord. 

Let them be inspired to use their pain and their suffering to help others. 

Don’t allow them to succumb to bitterness, anger, or self- loathing…for that is only furthering the plan of the enemy. 

Rather let their pain be the backbone they use to help others stand that are not as strong. 

Lord, put your hedge of protection over those people. 

And when they feel that only clouds of negativity are surrounding them, allow them to look up…to see to your light shining favor over their life and their journey.

Lastly Lord, I pray for the future of our world. 

I pray that you make our tomorrow to be far better than our yesterday. 

I pray that you will reignite a fire in this world, God. 

A fire with flames of positivity, love, and restoration. 

I pray for those raising children in this world.

Both in the present and in the future.

I pray that those children will grow to know a world with you in it, Lord. 

Allow them to be touched and inspired by you. 

Allow them to hold hands with one another, love each other, and build each other up…no matter the background, walk of life, or differences they may have.

I pray that they take part in creating a world far better than the one we know. 

And I pray that they pass that goodness along to their children and to their children’s children. 

You said that where two or three are gathered in your name that you are with them. 

Lord, I pray that as I am writing this prayer and as others are reading it, that you begin to make a change. 

I pray that even those who do not know you will stand with me and so many others as we lift our fragile world in prayer…and that your great presence will be filled all throughout this Earth. 

Some may say that this task is impossible. 

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about you time and time again Lord, it’s that NOTHING is too big for you.

And nothing ever will be. 

I thank you for what you’ve done, 

And I thank you for what you’re going to do, Lord. 
I love you. 
In Jesus Name, 

Post #54

2 thoughts on “Post #54: Prayer for our World 

  1. Blog #54 is my favorite so far.
    Thanks for standing in agreement with the rest of the world at this time of need.
    I pray that God will hears all our prayers in Jesus Mighty Name !! Amen🙏🏾🙏🏾 and Amen🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾



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