Outfit of the Day: Summa Swim Wear ๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ‘™

Summertime is known for a lot of things. Beautiful weather, leisure time, fun experiences, road trips, and of course, swimwear! Okay, okay, quick story time. My sister still hasnโ€™t seem to let go of the times when our parents used to dress us alike. In one of our usual mall escapades she convinced me to buy this SQUAD swimsuit from Forever 21 so that we could match to a party and have what she likes to call, โ€œThe Sister Effectโ€. Well, turns out she bailed on me and we never wore the great outfit she envisioned. Not to mention, at this point I definitely had no idea where the receipt was. However, I am a firm believer that no clothing item should go to waste. So I decided to blog about this piece as an example of a cute and affordable swimwear look! After all who says you canโ€™t slay for less? This swimsuit was about $15 and paired with accessories such as a cute pair of wedges/heels or a nice pair of sunglasses, I believe it can stand toe to toe with any high end piece thatโ€™s out there!

I also feel that itโ€™s important to find ways to renovate old swimwear as well. This orange swimsuit has been in my possession since the 6th grade! I never thought Iโ€™d wear it again but when I matched it with straw hat, brown wedges, and glasses it looked good as new again! This look would not only be great for the beach, but even for a pool party, or a relaxing date by the Jacuzzi. After all fashion has no limitations, even when it comes to swimwear!




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