Outfit of the Day: Sleek and Sheik 

In my humble fashion opinion, you can’t go wrong with a jumpsuit. Why you may ask? Well, you don’t have to worry about pairing an outfit together because it’s already a complete set. They’re usually very versatile and can be used for several occasions. So whether you are going to an event with friends or even going to church, it can still be used to make a great outfit. Also, they are very eye catching and sophisticated!

This jumpsuit in particular covers all three of those descriptions and more! I purchased this jumpsuit from ASOS for an event my senior year of college, and I’ve been in love with it since. It’s strapless and pleated around the chest area which gives this all black piece a little character. Because I was going to church, I paired it with one of my favorite blazers from EXPRESS coupled with these new nude heels that I picked up from A’GACI.

Overall, this look was super fun and I hope you all enjoyed it!



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