Outfit of the Day: H-Tine 🤘🏿

Usually my style is more on the professional, girly side. But I am strong believer that trying new things is an essential part of life. So, why not do it with something as fun and daring as fashion! Lately I’ve been so inspired by alt of street, urban wear that I’ve been seeing on Instagram and other blogs that I decided to put my own spin on it.

This Houston beanie has been laying around in my room for probably over 10 years! But I’ve just never really had a use for it, until I thought to pair it with this denim jacket from Forever 21 and high waisted, royal blue shorts from A’GACI. I believe that fashion is heavily rooted in expansion and creativity. You can truly use anything around you to achieve the look you’re going for! Therefore, although the shorts and jackets were bought for more sophisticated style, when paired with a Houston beanie and some adidas it did the job just as well! Some of you may be wondering where the skate board I am sitting on came from. Well, quick story time! In high school, my prom date was a skater. And when he asked me to prom, he skated to me in the cafeteria with this very board!

So take a second and look in your closet and see what you can do with what you got! You never know what you’re capable of creating!

Hope you all enjoyed this look!



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